Art Show & Sale 2016

Art Show & Sale 2016

Annual Charity Fundraiser - April 9, 2016

Janet Keith was the winner of Lloyd Wilson's painting "Warmth of Fall". Janet and her friends have been coming to the show for many years and she was delighted to be the lucky winner. Congratulations, Janet!
Thank you for coming to this year's Show & Sale.
The charities thank you
The sponsors thank you
The artists thank you
You helped to make a successful show.

Mark your calendar for next year's show:

Saturday, April 1, 2017
No fooling!


Established in 1998, the Kingsway-Lambton Art Show and Sale is a unique opportunity which aims to foster the talent of Canadian Artists while at the same time raise funds allowing us to support a wide range of local charities.

Art for Goodness' Sake.