Artists at Work

The past months have given us much to reflect on and opportunity to experience our resiliency! The way we work and interact has changed. And yet, we all carry on!

Our artists continue to work - creating beautiful works of art that we look forward to sharing with you in future Art Show & Sales.  

For your viewing pleasure, we have collected images of our Artists at Work to share with you. From studio spaces to outdoor spots to the inspiring realm of nature, our artists continue to create.

Enjoy and be inspired!

John Adams
Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde
Lisa Allshire
Karen Bowen
Peter Colbert
Laurie DeCamillis
Jerre Davidson
Lorena Dew
GuoYue Dou
Courtney Downman
Brigitte Granton
Robert Hinves
Maria Iva
Darlene Kulig
Elizabete Ludviks
Tetyana Lypka
Jamie MacLean
Mary McLorn Valle
Sam Paonessa
Marlene Pape
Bob Pennycook
Diogo Pinheiro
Michele Rose
Barb TenEycke
John Visser
Kerry Walford
Tod Waring
John Werlich
Lloyd Wilson
Micheal Zarowsky
Jack Zhou