The Confirmation Group is an in-depth journey that will invite teens in Grades 10 and up to ask questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives, to grow in awareness of the love of God for them in Jesus, and to decide whether to choose to be baptised or to confirm the baptismal vows that have been made on their behalf.

Check the church bulletin in the new year for dates and times, or call the Church office at 416-234-8224. We will meet in the Club Room each Sunday from 4:30~6:00PM using a video-food-discussion program in discussing key issues of our faith such as who Jesus is and why he had to die, role of faith, bible and prayer, and who the Holy Spirit is, just to name a few. There is also a retreat in the first weekend of May when we spend three days together giving the group a safe space to discuss faith matters and an opportunity to see God through creation. Confirmation Sunday is scheduled for a Sunday in June.