2019 FEATURED ARTIST - Laurie De Camillis

Door Prize: "Ski Hill #1"
By Laurie De Camillis
Oil On Canvas 24" x 24"


Painting landscapes is a creative process which allows me to express my passionate love for nature, reproducing my precise observation of its seasonal changes and searching for harmony between human beings and the natural world.

John Adams

I have always been attracted to the great outdoors. Traveling by motorcycle, these visuals are even bigger than you can imagine. I paint what I see and what I remember not in any particular order.

Aitken and Hyde

Kate Hyde and Thomas Aitken collaborate to create ceramics that are designed to be both practical and visually intriguing. Their whimsical imagery references a variety of sources; including the history of ceramics, theatre, poetry and textiles.

Chris Albert

Through juxtaposing and layering I convey an imagery that can be a powerful channel to visually express an abstract contemplation, creating an uplifting realism.

Pam Carter

After many years of painting, I'm still in love with light, colour, music and the vibrant life that surrounds me. From intimate street scenes to large scale abstracts, I strive to share this passion with my viewers.

Roberto Centazzo

Roberto sets out to explore the potential of the ancient art form of mosaic in the contemporary world, applying traditional methods to modern subjects, he creates mosaics that express incredible dimension and powerful organic feel.

Shu-Chen Cheng

For Shu-Chen Cheng, it is her goal to pursue excellence through Art.

Anna Clarey

Anna is a professional artist who paints vibrant acrylic Canadian landscapes, interpreting scenes visited on her travels. Anna is represented in galleries throughout Ontario and her work hangs in private and corporate collections world wide.

Brad Copping

Working from his home on the edge of the Canadian Shield, Brad Copping has found muse and foil in this transitional landscape. Here, he maintains a successful practice as a sculptor and functional glass blower.

Andrew Csafordi

An Ontario College of Art graduate, Andrew's sculptural encaustic art has a sense of the past connected to the present. He uses rich layers of pure melted beeswax, oils and pigments to create luminous, textural, impressionist landscapes.

Ann Fullerton

Expressing my love of the natural world has been a lifelong passion. I see painting opportunities all around me. My love of nostalgic items is often featured in a still life.

Nandor Horthy - unable to attend

My artistic style is in the tradition of "Classical Realism" in the sense that as an artist I prefer to embrace order, harmony and completeness, as well as beauty.

Maria Iva

The subjects of my paintings are trees, water, grass, rocks and sand. I am inspired by sun-lit scenes with vibrant colours and I try to pass on this excitement to my viewers.

Deborah Jolly

JOLLY offers intense colour, alla-prima techniques, and an intuitive process that continually produces high-energy, colour-drenched, moments-in-time, embracing her tangible riot of celebration, truth, and internal trust. Inhale joyful, layered connections from this self-avowed outlier.

Mary Karavos

Mary is an award-winning artist who uses a variety of fine imported and specialty Japanese and Nepalese papers to name a few. The images evolve into a unique interplay of textural and colourful originals.

Anja Karisik

I search for the innate character and perennial wisdom found in nature's roots, structures and relics.

Darlene Kulig

The designer in me loves shape and bold colour while the painter in me explores light and rhythm. I try to capture the sentient quality of my subjects, making my work feel familiar and personal.

Jamie MacLean

I paint landscapes in oil on canvas or acrylic on aluminum. Strong, unique compositions complemented by texture, bold colours and energetic application invite the viewer to feel themselves immersed and alive within the painting.

Mary McLorn Valle

I paint flowers but they are not soft or sweet. My work is vibrantly coloured, oversized and bold, it exudes joyful energy. I am inspired to catch nature as it bends, explodes, shines and unfolds.

Wendy Moses

Striking colours attract your attention to the paintings of Wendy Moses from Muskoka. Abstract expressionistic work pushes you to use your imagination to see what lies underneath.

Marlene Pape

My work varies in genre and in style but whether it's a landscape, abstract, seascape or 'treescape', the focus is always on light and shadow, and the mood that is evoked from their relationship.

Andrea Pope

I have two kinds of customers: women going to an event, and women who are the event! My signature style Artwear Jewellery is designed to 'Entertain, Inspire, and Connect'.

Christine Proctor

I simplify land and cityscapes into bold shapes, eliminating details, encouraging the viewer to complete the painting with their own personal vision. I use multiple layers of paint, creating texture and exposing hidden colour and images.

Michele Rose

I am inspired by the rural landscape around me in Canada and Britain. I try to capture the peace and tranquility of the countryside including historical farms and homes with a twist of whimsy.

Margaret Roseman

My paintings often celebrate nature and familiar settings that uncover complex reaction. In my quest for duality of abstraction and representation, I work quickly and directly, using decisive marks. I love colour and use it freely.

Celia Sage

I aspire to draw attention to the beauty and mystery of daily life and surroundings. Whether describing interiors, landscape, or the figure, I employ a painterly approach with layered colours and an emphasis on composition.

Marsha Strycharz

My paintings are about light and how it interplays with reflective, transparent and opaque surfaces. I use a limited palette, limited subject matter, and let light give the objects form and bring them to life.

Ofra Svorai

Detailed and colourful, Ofra's paintings on silk (using dyes and resist) portray the beauty of nature around Georgian Bay and the Beaver Valley where she resides.

John Visser

My paintings express a desire to evoke the sense of serenity and beauty that nature instills in me. Rural and wild places induce a meditative calm, a removal from the distractions of everyday life.

Tod Waring

Tod Waring designs and crafts unique pieces for the home and garden. An appreciation for design - old and new - and a sense of whimsy are displayed in his work.

John Werlich

My impressionist images are created with the unique 'paper mosaic' technique that I developed. The textures, patterns and colours of exquisite papers, such as screen printed Japanese chiyogami and scintillating metallics, become my 'painting with paper' palette.

Lloyd Wilson

Lloyd Wilson is a full time Canadian artist. He paints landscape images in oil on canvas. He is represented by several art galleries and also attends juried art shows.

Micheal Zarowsky

The paintings are impressions of the particular. Water spilling reflections across surfaces of silent wetlands. Unique moments in time, individual meditative moments, quiet places neither revealing themselves easily, nor asking anyone specifically to come there.

Jack Zhou

Painting landscapes is a creative process which allows me to express my passionate love for nature, reproducing my precise observation of its seasonal changes and searching for harmony between human beings and the natural world.

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