"...for the authorities are God's servants, busy with this very thing." Rom.13:6

Note: On June 21, 2022 our congregation approved a new governance model, a Council model. This new model, with leadership provided by Ministry Leads, is expected to replace the current Official Board model on Sept. 6, 2022.

Seeking Your Gift of Leadership

If you are interested in becoming involved in committee work, taking on a leadership role, or would like to recommend someone for a role, please contact office@kingswaylambton.ca . Your message will be referred to the chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee's mandate is to find leaders and populate certain committees of the Official Board. Your involvement will be greatly appreciated.

The Congregation

The congregation plays a central role in governance of the church. Their responsibilities include: deciding on a governance model, electing a governing body and appointing trustees, approving operating and capital budgets, and calling or requesting settlement of a member of the order of ministry. The congregation meets at least annually.

Governance Model

At Kingsway-Lambton, we use a traditional Session / Committee of Stewards / Official Board governance model. Together, these form the governing body of the church.

The Official Board

The Official Board is responsible for overall direction, governance and policy, and matters of mutual interest to the members of Session and Committee of Stewards. The Official Board is also responsible for ensuring Local Ministry Unit (LMU) requirements of the United Church of Canada are met and for representing the interests of Kingsway-Lambton to other bodies of the wider church. Voting members of the Official Board include all Elders and Stewards, Chairs of Official Board Committees and one voting representative from each of the Board of Trustees and the United Church Women (UCW). Supporting committees reporting to the Official Board include: Ministry and Personnel, Nominating, Gifts and Giving, Communications, Accessibility and the Presbytery Representatives. 

To obtain Official Board minutes and agendas, or for other information, please contact the Board Secretary or contact the church office.


Session is responsible for leadership on spiritual matters including; worship services, Christian education, pastoral care and outreach of the church. Session executes its role through a number of committees.


Members of Session are called Elders – not because they are older, but because they contribute their gifts of faith, talent, passion and energy to ministry and spiritual leadership. Each elder also has a number of members of the congregation whom they visit.

Committee of Stewards

Stewards are responsible for leadership on financial management of the church and property matters including: the development and monitoring of the annual operating and capital budgets, financial reporting, and managing the maintenance and use of the building and grounds.

Board of Trustees

Trustees are responsible for holding all congregational property for the congregation as part of the United Church of Canada. This includes investment of funds according to the approved investment policies.

United Church Women (UCW) Council

The UCW Council is the governing body of the UCW organization. It meets monthly and is comprised of representatives of the individual UCW Units. Click here for more information on the UCW organization.