Sunday School with Rhiannon!
A fun way to Worship for KL families

Here's a new video created by Rhiannon! This video is accessible to all ages. Enjoy! 


Watch Sunday School online, June 14, 2020
KL Worships at Home
Sunday 10:00 am Worship Service for August 9, 2020.

We gather together on Sunday and follow a form of worship designed to create a sense of community.

Click below to join the Rev. Kerry Stover and guest preacher, Rhiannon Hill, for the Tenth  Sunday of Pentecost  Service.


FRESH START is on hiatus for the summer. Rev. Kerry Stover will be back presiding on Sunday, Sept. 13 at 8:30 am.


10 am Service
Update regarding KL re-opening (as of August 6):

Did you know that KL has a ReOpening Preparedness Committee (RPC)? They're tasked with re-imagining what our church will look like when we reopen. And, setting protocols to maintain everyone's safety when we reopen. We should have more to tell you by the end of August.

Please Click here to read a full statement on the current status of KL vis-a-vis the latest announcements.  

WE Make Masks TO Project

Who couldn’t use some good news as summer heat wilts us all a little? And the mask sewing project that started and thrived with the help of many of our Kingsway-Lambton congregation has very good news to share.

WE Make Masks TO was founded back in March by Judy & Deane Collinson to help protect charity workers serving vulnerable populations. With leadership from Donna-Lee Waymann & Nancy McConnell and help from over 125 volunteers (over 40 of them from KL), the following was achieved in a period of under four months:

- almost 3900 reusable cloth masks made by almost 100 sewers

- deliveries made to 26 charities, serving the homeless, elderly, disabled and others

- 1600 cloth masks were purchased, thanks to generous donors, for two Toronto populations hard hit by Covid: Across Boundaries, who provides mental health and addiction services to racialized communities, and 1,000 refugees being housed in a crowded hotel where there was a Covid outbreak.

With summer in full swing, WE Make Masks TO has wound down operations and wants to share the good news with the KL congregation, who have been incredibly supportive. And they want to say thank you again to all those who did all the varied tasks this project required: sew, cut, deliver, organize, communicate, publicize, and provide moral support. All of this was done with love, to help keep people safe, and KL helped make that happen.