On September 6, 2022, Kingsway-Lambton United Church's form of governance changed from an "Official Board" model to a "Church Council" model.

Church Council Model

The Church Council structure is led by a Chairperson and consists of 8 new "Ministries" who oversee and provide guidance to the various functions of the church. There are operational or functional committees or "Teams" under each Ministry. The names of the 8 Ministries and their current "Lead" or "Co-Leads" are listed below (as of Spring 2023).


  • Chair of Council - Charles Donley
  • Christian Life Ministry - Margaret Pace & Pam Gallagher
  • Engagement Ministry - Sharon Burlacoff
  • Outreach & Social Justice Ministry - Jeff Louden & Sandra Linsdell
  • Property Ministry - Jim Gallagher
  • Finance Ministry - Geoff Butler
  • Ministry & Personel Ministry - Jean Veitel
  • Communications Ministry - Eryn Smith & Meredith Walker
  • Gifts & Giving Ministry - Susan Franklin

Other Members of Council

Our Church Council also consists of: the Coordinating Minister, Secretary (non-voting), Chair of Trustees, a UCW representative, a member-at-large (non-voting), and a Regional Council representative. This represents 13 voting members and 2 non-voting members.


  1. For information on mandate and scope of each Ministry, please refer to attached PDF file.
  2. Also attached is a contact list with name and email address of each Ministry Lead/Co-Lead.