Kingsway-Lambton values and respects the senior members of our church family and we support them in a variety of ways.

  • Meeting with people in their homes to maintain their connection with Kingsway-Lambton, and more importantly to ensure they never feel alone or isolated.
  • Visiting with members who are hospitalized to help them through what may be challenging and difficult times.
  • Socializing with people during an annual luncheon at the church where they are able to reconnect with friends and church staff. 
  • Celebrating the Lord's Supper by taking Communion to people in their homes or at the hospital. 
  • Ensuring that those seniors who are able to attend church services have a facility which is fully accessible to accommodate all of their needs.

If you know of a senior member of the church family who would benefit from a visit from a minister, please contact the church office.