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Registration is now underway for Wine Survivor 2021!

Register between Sept. 7 and Oct. 5, by emailing your name and phone number to Please indicate if you’re playing with Option 1 or Option 2.

  • OPTION 1: Pay $20 and supply one bottle of wine (between $15 and $20 in price).
  • OPTION 2: Pay $40 and we’ll buy the bottle of wine on your behalf.
1. Before Oct. 5, make your $20 payment and deliver your bottle of wine to address below (Option 1), or make your $40 payment (Option 2).  In Etobicoke: Kate Roscoe: email to make arrangements.
2. Once the game begins on Oct.12, 10 participants are randomly ‘voted off the island’ each day. A daily email indicates who got voted off, and who’s still in the game.

3. If you’re voted off, all is not lost! You can get back in the game – once – if you pay another $20.

4. At the end of the game, the first-place winner takes home 75 bottles of wine (50 bottles for 2nd place, and 25 bottles for 3rd place).
You may pay by e-transfer, by credit card (using PayPal), or by cheque. To pay, visit our donations page, and select "Wine Survivor 2021" in the drop-down menu.