Charity Art Show & Sale

March 25, 2023  

The 25th Art Show & Sale will be in-person at Kingsway-Lambton United Church, 85 The Kingsway.

We hope you can join us and have a coffee or tea, meet the artists, and browse their work. To keep up to date on new developments, please subscribe by visiting

Because of Covid restrictions, our 2021 and 2022 shows were virtual. Thank you to our sponsors, our artists and art lovers who bought their art, making our virtual shows very successful fundraisers.

Proceeds of the Art Show & Sale are disbursed to a broad range of charities, most of which provide shelter and support to those in need, with a small portion being allocated to the operation of the church. Click here to see the list of charities that are supported.

For more information and for some interesting facts about the Art Show & Sale: What You Need to Know.


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