The Flea Market is an annual event that raises money for a number of charities in our community. Due to COVID-19, the Flea Market has been on hold since April 2019. 

This event provides an opportunity for the church family and members of the community to work together in Christian fellowship (view video) while preparing for the Flea Market. 

The organization, planning, and execution of the Flea Market are overseen by the Flea Market Committee, who are part of UCW. The majority of the work - including sorting, pricing and selling - is done by volunteers who work many hours in the week leading up to the event. 

The 55th annual Kingsway-Lambton Flea Market, held on April 27, 2019, was (another) resounding success. We thank our shoppers, volunteers, people who made donations of goods, and members in the community who helped spread the word about the event. Over 20 charities will benefit from their dedication.

 It's a lot of fun for a great cause!!