It is truly an inspiration and joy to see artists at work in their chosen environment. We are celebrating our 25th Charity Show & Sale this year. We are live and in person so you have a chance to meet these remarkable people.

John Adams
Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde
Lisa Allshire
Laura Beaton
Karen Bowen
Joseph Capicotto
Peter Colbert
Lisa Compton
Jerre Davidson
Lorena Dew
GuoYue Dou
Maria Iva
Darlene Kulig
Pamela Mayhew
Carol-Ann Michaelson
Sam Paonessa
Marlene Pape
Doris Pontieri
Andrea Pope
Wendy Quirt
Michele Rose
Louise Scott-Bushell
Marsha Strycharz
Barb TenEycke
Mary McLorn Valle
John Visser
Tod Waring
Saskia Wassing
John Werlich
Micheal Zarowsky
Jack Zhou