John Adams

The beauty of nature is my inspiration - the big sky, the hills, the movement of the wind and of course the trees. My passion is traveling by motorcycle, discovering the beautifully twisty roads.

Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde

Kate Hyde and Thomas Aitken collaborate on ceramics that unite Thomas’ strong forms and Kate’s interest in drawing and storytelling. Their work is designed to be both highly practical and visually intriguing. 

Lisa Allshire

I spent many years as a mural painter in Ireland and in the U.K. An oil painter, I am interested in the effects of light upon my subjects, in both my still life and landscape painting.

Laura Beaton

I am a visual fine artist who specializes in Chinese Brush Painting, using a variety of ancient techniques coupled with my original styles to create zen-like paintings on rice papers, while reflecting Canadian themes.

Karen Bowen

Karen Bowen captures Canada’s countryside and shorelines using bold colour and dramatic aesthetics. (oil, cold wax on panel).

Joseph Capicotto

My passion is in the transparent orchestration of all the layers in a manner that they work in harmony and build up to a moment when I can stand back and feel.

Peter Colbert

Peter Colbert is an internationally collected fine artist known for his figurative and abstract paintings. Originally from Vancouver, Peter was educated in Toronto and lives in Ottawa.

Lisa Compton

My inspiration is drawn from nature. When choosing a subject, I paint what I love. Given the uncertainty of today’s world, my art is a welcome tether to feeling at peace with myself and the world.

Jerre Davidson

My landscapes are created exclusively out of glass. I shape the glass trees and branches over a flame and using coloured glass particles I lay out the image in multiple layers before kiln firing them.

Lorena Dew

I’m an abstract artist, my work is about exploring fresh expressions using colours, textures and movement. I want to transcend everyday life as we know it by celebrating its rhythm, energy, mystery and surprise.

GuoYue Dou

GuoYue Dou is a Canadian artist who enjoys painting the life and mood of the city; capturing retro streetcars, car lights reflected on rainy days, and the posture and behaviour of city people. 

Maria Iva

Maria Iva is an impressionist landscape painter who works in oil (palette knife) and dry pastels. Her primary goal is to express her emotional reaction to the nature scenes using loose strokes, bold colors and texture.

Darlene Kulig

The designer in me loves simple shape and bold colour while the painter in me explores light, rhythm and personal connection. I continue to play with a careful balance between my intellectual and intuitive self. 

Pamela Mayhew

In my work I explore the boundaries between literal landscapes and the abstraction of landscapes. This moment of time enables the viewer to incorporate their interpretation of the view.

Carol-Ann Michaelson

I create textural, abstract paintings using oil paint and cold wax as my medium.  Luminosity, energy, nuance, and atmosphere are key components, inviting my paintings to be enjoyed from afar or up close.

Sam Paonessa

Sam Paonessa is most in his element when painting en plein air. Being close to nature as he expresses himself artistically nourishes his soul and connects him to God.  Sam is also a skilled artist of still life, urban landscapes and figurative work.

Marlene Pape

I paint skies, trees, beaches, water, clouds, abstracts, figures and portraits often with a surreal point of view. My favourite place is in ‘the zone ’- where you lose track of time while doing what you love. 

Doris Pontieri

I’m passionate about art. So, I paint how the world feels to me with an emotional approach. One brush stroke determines the next.

Andrea Pope

I have two kinds of customers: women going to an event, and women who are the event! My signature style Artwear Jewellery is designed to 'Entertain, Inspire, and Connect'.

Wendy Quirt

Wendy Quirt is a Canadian wildlife painter who shares the beauty and value of nature through her acrylic paintings. Committed to preserving the natural world, her work helps raise funds forvarious conservation organizations.

Michele Rose

My inspiration is gathered from the rural countryside from both Canada and Britain. I create serene peaceful landscapes with a pinch of sense of humor.

Louise Scott-Bushell

Glazing with thin layers of oil paint, I create the magic seen in representational realism. I hope my art inspires viewers to appreciate nature’s beauty and my efforts to preserve a moment in time.

Marsha Strycharz

Inspired by the Dutch Masters and Hyperrealism, I create luminous paintings of common objects. Though simple in composition and subject matter, the stillness and quietude of my works offer a deeper emotional experience than what visually meets the eye.

Barb TenEycke

I focus on producing Canadian landscapes, both real and imagined, that are infused with ethereal light, depth and hope.

Mary McLorn Valle

My paintings investigate themes of unfolding energy and renewal. Flowers and branches inspire me with their vibrant colours and organic forms. I further explore colour systematically in gridded studies and in brushstroke works on panel.

John Visser

My paintings express a desire to evoke the sense of serenity and beauty that nature instills in me. Rural and wild places induce a meditative calm, a removal from the distractions of everyday life.

Tod Waring

Tod Waring designs and crafts unique metal sculptures for the garden.

Saskia Wassing

Saskia uses a basic domestic sewing machine and her colourful embroidery threads as drawing tools, ‘free’ stitching her artworks, creating a rich personal narrative about the people, places and things she experiences and imagines.

John Werlich

Rugged, watery, glacier smoothed and windswept landscapes are part of our Canadian identity. My images evoke a memory, a sense of belonging. Linger and reflect. This is our home.

Micheal Zarowsky

I paint light, atmosphere, the transparency of water; overall it’s the journey; ideas visited; places to lose oneself; new beginnings; heartfelt meditations on the natural elegance thru the Ontario north.

Jack Zhou

Paintings allow me to express my love for nature and true desire. I particularly love light and colour and depict landscapes in a symbolic and exaggerated way.