The Week of Guided Prayer is a retreat in the midst of everyday life that is held for one week each spring. This program allows you to both pray and listen to God and find richness in the conversation. 

Everyone begins and ends the journey together. The week allows you to step away from your busy schedule to be still and allow for a time of reflection. You will be paired with a companion for the week as you read and reflect on scripture, deepening your conversation with God. The program starts on a Sunday and concludes the following Saturday. 

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Here's what one participant, Anouchka Freybe, said about the program: 

"Last year, I had my first experience with the Week of Guided Prayer. When I saw the announcement about the program, something pulled me in - it felt like a call to action. I couldn't resist. I think many of us must have felt that way. I was a bit panicked that it was going to be about honing my praying skills. I was worried about praying openly, my own words, pouring out. I was worried that any emotional turmoil would find its way out and make me a visible wreck. That I’d be exposed.

What happened is that I was not ‘told’ I had to pray in front of everyone. I was not told that I had to fix things. All that was asked was to trust in what would come of exploring one theme for one week through contemplation. That year, the theme was "HOPE". Through daily private meditations, and daily one-on-ones with a dedicated prayer partner, we circled around Hope through scripture, candlelight, and talking. Winter wasn’t nearly as exhausting last year as it has been this year, and even then, the mere idea of centering my life around HOPE was intensely grounding. It felt like the Big Thaw. A seasonal shift.

The mentoring with a prayer partner let me search out new ways to approach whatever emotional turmoil I was ready to look at. I began to value prayer as an active choice for gaining perspective. And to come to grips with trusting God. That He will keep placing new markers on my path to redirect and realign."