Gratitude and Generosity

Throughout Covid-19, our church has provided a spiritual home for our congregation and our community. 

Our annual Stewardship Campaign focuses on raising funds for the upcoming calendar year (2024) in order to cover the day-to-day operation of the church, to support the many church and community programs, and to maintain the church property and facilities. These everyday and ongoing costs are subject to continuing increases - and can easily be taken for granted.

The monies pledged during the Stewardship campaign are a key component of the budgeting process that is used to determine levels of activity and programming for the coming year. The church has some modest capital reserves, but programming levels rely entirely upon the success of the annual Stewardship Campaign. Our Stewardship Campaign will run for four weeks during the fourth quarter of the year, during which we hope you will seriously and prayerfully consider your level of support. If you have not provided a pledge in previous years, please consider doing so this year. 

What is an appropriate gift?

Many people ask what is an appropriate amount to give? Your pledge is an important way to activate your Christian Stewardship. It is an act of discipleship and partnership in our ongoing work to serve God's love and grace - and to give thanks. The amount to pledge is a personal decision: but as a guideline, it may be helpful to know that for the 2023 calendar year the average pledge made was $2,471. For the 2024 calendar year we are requesting prayerful consideration be given to increasing pledge amounts by 3%. This will contribute to the objective of a balanced 2024 budget at current levels of programing. Some may be in a position to pledge more than average, while for others this may not be possible. We thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of a minimum increase of 3% in your pledge for the coming year.

My Annual Pledge

A Pledge Card is available for you as a file at the bottom of this page, which can be used to signal your financial intention for the calendar year. Just print and fill it out: then drop it in the collection plate; or scan and email to; or email a message regarding your pledge to our Financial Administrator (Ed Mock) if that is more convenient.

Fulfilling your pledge can be through a number of ways as outlined on our website:

  • Pre-Authorized Remittances (PAR), using the Bank Authorization form attached at the bottom of the page
  • Regular Sunday Offerings
  • A Lump-Sum Gift
  • A Gift in Kind, including donated securities
  • On-Line Giving using the DONATE NOW button on this website

Your  generous gifts support our staff and the maintenance of our building. Your gifts allow us to  maintain our excellence in programming. Your gifts enable continued effective participation within the community.

Gratitude and Generosity